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Is work less stressful than commuting?

Ford have carried out new research recently and the research would suggest that   actually getting to work in the morning could well be more stressful than your actual job.

According to their research, commuting in London is even more stressful than a visit to  Traffic Jamthe dentist or moving house.  The study says, with the increasing unpredictability of journeys means that almost everyone leaves early for work to counter the events of hold-ups on their route.

We should be grateful to live and work in Lincolnshire because Londoners are late for work more often than their European counterparts.  As many as 80% are late at least once per month.  47 per cent are late between two and three times a month.

Ford asked 5,500 commuters in six cities about their travel arrangements to work and how the journey affected their stress levels.  36% of London commuters found commuting to work as the most stressful as opposed to 29% identified work as the most stressful part of their day.

SOURCE: Spalding Guardian – 14th May 2015