Cars & Light Commercials

Choose A Garage That You Can Trust

When something goes wrong with cars, it can be a real concern choosing a garage you can trust. All too often, when cars are in need of a repair, there is a chance that the garage owner will “blind you with science”. You then come away from the garage non-the-wiser about the fault, nor how long it will take to rectify it and more importantly, how much the repair will cost.

As a family-run business, Haltham Garage will take the time to speak to you in a language you will understand.   You will be kept well-informed in respect of how long it will take to rectify the fault and you will be given an honest and reliable estimate of the costs involved to repair your vehicle.

Haltham Garage in Haltham, near Horncastle offers professional and reliable car servicing and repairs which includes:-

  • battery replacement
  • brakes and shock-absorber
  • car interior repair
  • clutch replacement
  • diesel tuning
  • suspension
  • engine diagnostics and repair
  • exhaust replacement and repair
  • tyres
  • wheel balancing and alignment
  • welding

For more “Cars & Light Commercials” information, please call Haltham Garage on 01507 568313

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